The Revolution Will Not Be Televised


The Occupy protests throughout Western countries and the mass demonstrations in Turkey and Brazil are remarkable for one reason - they are not directed at dictators but at how democratic nations are being governed.


Democracy itself has been called into question.

The problem is the most ancient of all problems:

It has been pressed into the service of the elites.


Democracy isn't about helping the people to have better lives. Instead, it does what all oppressive systems have done throughout history - it enables the elites to acquire more and more wealth and power.


Democracy, with its mantra of "one person, one vote" implies equality and respect between all citizens. But if you look at any democratic nation in practice you will see a super rich elite running everything and a great mass of nobodies being fed "bread and circuses" to sedate them and prevent them from seeing what's really going on.


The super rich citizens of today's democracies are wealthier than monarchs, nobles and oligarchs were at any time in history. If democracy, in favoring the cause of rich men, has surpassed systems explicitly devoted to the interests of the rich, how can the conclusion be avoided that democracy is in fact plutocracy - rule by the rich?



In democracies, the rich have pulled off a staggering trick. They have trumpeted the importance of the democratic vote, which supposedly empowers ordinary people, while at the same time rendering this vote impotent and meaningless.

All democracies work in conjunction with capitalism, which is controlled by "the market", which in turn is controlled and rigged by bankers, corporations, stock traders and the super rich.


No democratic vote is ever applied to the market and its controllers.


No market participant is ever elected by the people or is in any way accountable to the people.


In a "capitalist democracy", which half of that description actually wields the power - the capitalist or democratic part? The answer is painfully obvious.


Capitalist democracies are fundamentally and quintessentially capitalist systems designed to serve the capitalist elite (which is why the rich keep getting richer and the poor poorer), and the "democracy" part is the sop provided to the common herd to deceive them into thinking they have the power to change who governs them.

No matter how often the sheeple vote, they will never change who actually rules them - the unelected, unaccountable rich elite. The elite are never up for election.


Capitalist democracy is the supreme con trick, the most ingenious hustle of all time.

It has produced the perfect "false consciousness". The masses think they have power through the ballot box - and the elite continually reinforce this rhetoric with their mantra of "freedom and democracy" (note how "freedom" and "capitalism" are subtly equated as the inevitable companion of democracy) - but in fact the masses have no power at all.

We are ruled by rich cartels and the market they control that dictates our economic circumstances. Those in charge of the economy are the real rulers of capitalist democracies, not the democratically elected politicians who have no control over the market (and were never intended to have any). 



Once you have grasped that democracy is all smoke and mirrors, concealing what's really going on, you understand that it must be overthrown.

If the people are ever to be in charge, they must control the economy.

Imagine a world in which all senior bankers, CEOs, traders and super rich entrepreneurs are civil servants, or directly elected and publicly accountable public officials. Our world would be transformed overnight. For the first time ever, the people would be genuinely in charge.


This is the Revolution of the Second Enlightenment.

The First Enlightenment eroded the power of popes, priests, monarchs and nobles.


The Second Enlightenment will destroy the power of the private elites and the religious and media propaganda they have used to construct a false consciousness in the minds of the people.


Join the Enlightenment War, the Revolution that will decide humanity's future