The Solution - Meritocracy

Consider these two questions:

1) Is it rational for a political process to elect "leaders" who have no actual power because all of the real power resides with external super rich individuals, banks and corporations that can use their wealth and power to buy the political system and enforce their will? Can anyone deny that banks, corporations and the super rich tell Presidents what to do? If the President is the embodiment of the will of the people, it means that unelected and unaccountable banks, corporations and super rich individuals are telling the people what to do. That's what democracy has delivered: a system in which the people get to choose a powerless figurehead who simply does what the non-elected elite decide. Therefore democracy must be abolished. No political system supposedly operating in the interest of all the people can be subject to external influence by groups and individuals that have no interest at all in the well-being of the people. Is Wall Street on the side of Main Street? You'd need to be insane to think so. Who shapes government policy - Wall Street or Main Street? Is there any question? Which institution has its fingers in every pie all across the world? - the Zionist-Masonic leviathan of Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs runs the world. Haven't you realised that yet? Solution? - CLOSE DOWN GOLDMAN SACHS AND BAN ALL OF ITS OFFICIALS FROM SERVING IN GOVERNMENT. Simple!
2) Is it rational for dynastic families - such as the Rothschilds - to be able to use their incredible wealth and power to dictate the shape of the world generation after generation, and always in their own favor? Why should a rich family of today be allowed to determine the fortunes and prospects of the families of the future? How do you prevent a rich and powerful family from arranging the future to suit itself i.e. to guarantee its descendants a luxury life regardless of merit? You can stop the super rich controlling the future once and for all by introducing 100% inheritance tax. This automatically means the end of dynastic family rule. It means the end of privilege and the rise of equal opportunities and a world of merit.
This is a real political movement with actual solutions for the ills of the world. Don't protest mindlessly against the ruling regime. REPLACE THEM. Meritocratic social capitalism will inevitably replace democratic free-market capitalism. Meritocratic social capitalism is the dialectical successor of democratic free-market capitalism. The Old World Order has had its day. It has hit the dialectical buffers. Now it's time for the New World Order based on merit, social justice and equal opportunities.
Meritocracy is about turning politics into science, about applying the scientific method to create better and better answers to all social, psychological and political problems. The rich despise science because most of them are hopeless scientifically. Science is the subject of true merit because no one can bullshit their way through science, and privileged connections won't take you far unless you actually know what you're talking about. A technocratic society run by scientists, mathematicians, technologists and engineers is a disaster for the elite.

Meritocracy is about taking explicit measures to ensure that no individual, family or group is allowed to acquire disproportionate wealth, power and influence. Capitalism, on the other hand, is a "winner-takes-all" ideology. The whole purpose of capitalism is to ensure that a tiny elite controls the means of production and takes almost all of the "surplus value" (i.e. profit) for themselves. The vast bulk of the surplus value of the global economy resides in the hands of a privileged elite who will do anything to hang on to it. They do not act in your interests; only in their own. We have no problem with people who work hard and have good ideas achieving considerable prosperity - but we do object to that wealth becoming excessive. Does anyone on earth need more than, say, one million dollars a year (after tax) to be considered extremely well rewarded for their efforts? That's 20 times the average American salary. So why is anyone on earth paid more than that? The vast bulk of the surplus value in the world should be reinvested in the people of the world, to raise up the whole of humanity, not to allow the Elite to each have twenty luxury mansions, three yachts, one hundred super cars, million-dollar parties, and whatever else they deem fit to lavish on themselves as they wallow in infinite narcissism.



Just as it would be insane to entrust the defense of a nation to private armies with their own agendas (they would start wars to boost their share price!), it's insane to entrust the economic defense and stability of a nation to private banks and corporations with their own agendas that have nothing to do with the welfare of the State and the people. That's why the infrastructure of the State must be socialist (for the people) rather than capitalist (for private individuals).
We are not communists. We are rational capitalists who appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of both capitalism and socialism and see how they can be integrated in a natural and highly productive way. This is an economic evolution, not revolution.
There will be no more vast multinational corporations that blackmail governments: all corporations and companies will be small or medium sized; they will be bespoke and integrated with their communities and nations, working in harmony with the State to bring prosperity to all of the people.
There will be no more casino banking, banks that are "too big to fail", hedge funds, "shorting", and speculative financial derivatives instruments. There will be no more psychopathic spivs and speculators driving the economy into the ground in pursuit of higher profits and bonuses for themselves. We will thus bring to an end the insane cycles of boom and bust that characterize free-market capitalism and which devastate the lives of so many innocent victims.
We will replace the "testosterone" modus operandi of free-market capitalism with the "estrogen" of social capitalism i.e. women rather than aggressive young men will become far more prominent. We will seed society with metaphorical "oxytocin" - the Moral Molecule - that increases bonding, harmony and community. At the moment we have a testosterone society given over to selfishness, self-interest and ruthless competition between families and individuals as they all fight to be top dog.
Testosterone has had a good run for its money. Now it's time for an estrogen and oxytocin society without boom and bust, without aggression, without savage, destructive competition.
You want a new society, a new economy? - meritocratic social capitalism delivers everything you want. It ends boom and bust. It ends the rule of elite, dynastic families of extreme privilege who rig the game of life in their own favor. Everyone, regardless of sex, race, sexual orientation or background gets an equal opportunity.