The Problem - Democracy


Democracy is supposed to give the regular citizens the power as they elect the politicians. But when you don't choose who you select from do you really have the power? Corporations fund political campaigns and ensure the politicians they are funding have their best interests at heart. The two presidential candidates in the end are essentially the same person. Or should we say, the same puppet?


Not only that, but we are always split down the middle between republicans and democrats. Is there not a set of ideals we can all agree upon? As long as the people are divided, they have no real power. If we want to make real change we need to all agree on the best course of action to take moving forward. That is exactly what this site is designed for. What is the perfect political system? Is there even such thing? Is it democracy? Is this as good as it gets?


If we want change, we must know exactly what that change will look like or we will never move forward.



Who has all the power in the world?

The People?

The elected representatives of the People?

Or is it the banks, corporations, dynastic families, and the super rich?




The flow of money is the flow of power. Dollars are the amoral units of power and are overwhelmingly held by the amoral (or indeed immoral) super rich. The closer you are to the money flow, the more you can divert into your own pockets, hence the incredible wealth of bankers. The further you are from the flow, the poorer you are. The public good, merit, morality, fairness, justice and rationality play no part at all in the money flow.


The more dollars you have, the more powerful you are. The fewer you have, the more you become invisible. No one sees you and no one listens to you. You are "power deficient", hence irrelevant. Money is a "proximity phenomenon" - the closer you are to its source, to its flow, the better. So, the rich ENSURE they are in closest proximity, while the ordinary people find themselves very far away. Those who are furthest of all from the money require State handouts, charity, or must beg. They are held in almost universal contempt, yet their central problem is nothing but being too far from the money flow. The rich control who gets near the money. You are permitted to come close only if you're a member of their privileged cartel. The whole system is rigged against you.


The market constitutes an unelected, unaccountable, extra-political entity that nevertheless dominates the political space and can bring down presidents, prime ministers and entire national economies. It can provoke global economic crises and yet governments have ZERO control over it. Don't you find that somewhat odd? How can anyone talk of the people being in charge of the political process if the market dictates government policy? Free markets and democracy are INCOMPATIBLE. You cannot have a democracy if you have a market-controlled economy external to the political process and unaccountable to the electorate.


Democracy likes to trumpet the fact that you can remove unpopular politicians and governments, implying that you get the government you choose, yet there is no mechanism whatsoever for removing the controllers of the marketplace, the people who run free market capitalism hence the people who actually run democracy. If you can't remove them then you have no power at all and you are at their mercy.


The rich aren't stupid. They gave people democracy because they knew it changed nothing. The market retains all of the real power and THEY are the market.




The truth is that the market and its controllers are beyond the reach of the electorate while completely controlling the fate of the electorate. They are outside democracy and yet they run the democratic system. Is that not genius? The legions of dumbed down, manipulated and brainwashed masses that will fight to the death for democracy haven't noticed that their political system is a farce and gives them no power at all. Democracy is simply a disguised plutocracy - rule by the rich - operating via the "sacrosanct", unregulated market where the rich hold all of the cards and the poor have no say.


What is the single most important fact for you to grasp about the world? It is that whoever controls the money controls everything else. Therefore a political system such as democracy that gives people the vote but gives them no money and no say over the private individuals, private banks and private corporations that control the money is never anything but the illusion of surrendering power to the people. The ancient controlling elites remain the same as ever. As an act of psychological genius, they gave the people the pretence of power while they maintained iron control of actual power. The only reason they agreed to democracy was because they saw how it would deliver up a servile, compliant, docile population who would delude themselves that they were "free" and in charge, hence would never revolt.


If you want a new world with the people in charge then hear this - democracy must be destroyed and the people must take control of the money. Any other suggestions are bullshit and a supreme waste of time. Without control of the money, the people have nothing and are permanently powerless. The formula for true freedom? - Follow the money and seize control of it. There shouldn't be a single private bank run by private individuals serving their own agendas on this planet. Once you realize that, the way forward is simplicity itself, but the elites will of course do all in their power to make you dance to their old tunes and reject any new system of authentic people power.


The entire debate about economics, politics and freedom is reducible to just a single question - who should control the money; the people or a small group of exceptionally rich private individuals unaccountable to the people yet controlling the people? Everything else is propaganda. So, whose side are you on? It's time to choose.


"It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees."

-       Emiliano Zapata





* * * * *



There is only one conspiracy in the world that can be factually demonstrated to the general public: namely, that in the last three decades there has been an enormous transfer of wealth from the ordinary people to a tiny group of super rich families. All of the laws of the world are now configured to allow a small global elite to dictate to every government on earth. The elite have been attempting to secure this end for a very long time. The aim of the elite is simple: to ensure that they and theirs have overwhelming advantages over everyone else. The system they advocate is called Privilege. It is a system where money rules. Money buys you a better home, a better living environment, a better education, a better social network, a more lucrative career and secures you more influence, more power and more respect.


Thus a system of privilege is explicitly designed to ensure the permanent success of the privileged. It's a self-serving machine. Anyone who is not part of that system must fight against it or become a second-class citizen in a two-tier society.





* * * * *



The elite have got the masses exactly where they want them. They gave them bread and circuses and the masses couldn't get enough. The elite turned the masses into such willing slaves that they manufactured their own manacles and chains and put them on without anyone even asking.


People are glued to their TVs to watch American Idol, or ceaselessly updating their Facebook status or tweeting endlessly into the cyber vacuum, or unable to drag themselves away from their game console. The world-historic figures, the men and women of destiny, aren't waiting. They're out doing things, being active, making things happen.


Do you want to know the secret of the dizzying increase in the earnings of CEOs, company directors, lawyers, doctors and other "professionals"?


They use something called "benchmarking". Every employer wants the most talented employees, so, to make sure they're getting their share of the best, they promise to pay salaries in the upper quartile.


How do you know what the upper quartile salary is? Well, you find out all the salaries being paid by your competitors. You then set your salary levels accordingly, but of course all of your competitors are doing exactly the same thing. Now, if virtually every company is promising to deliver an upper quartile salary, one thing is sure to happen - salaries will go up and up ceaselessly across the board (or until the companies go out of business!). What constitutes the upper quartile salary is forever being revised upwards (NEVER downwards). No company ever starts using anti-benchmarking: "Come and work for us for a lot less than you could get with one of our competitors!" That's never going to work, is it?


What is critical with benchmarking is that it has no connection at all with performance related pay. Imagine that all companies paid all senior staff exactly the same salary and anything above that level had to be earned by demonstrable superior performance over the competition. Then only the very best would be in the upper quartile of earnings. The upper quartile would be established via competitive PERFORMANCE i.e. it would be merit-based.


With benchmarking, the upper quartile is not determined by performance but simply by what everyone else is willing to pay. A company performing badly may be paying the best salaries in the business thanks to benchmarking.


So how does the company improve its performance? Well, if it fires all of its current underachieving senior staff, you can be sure that their replacements will be even higher paid. So, even before they've started, they have imposed an even higher cost base on their company and made it even harder to be profitable. What happens if the new bunch are as bad as the previous bunch? The company will either fail or be bought by a competitor, but at no stage in the process will poor performance ever result in a lower benchmark salary.


Benchmarking is the world's only perpetual motion machine, and it's always going up... Defying gravity. 


Every company is trapped into paying its elite employees more and more. No company ever offers less. And if performance isn't too good, the only way for a company to remain profitable is to tackle its cost base. What does that mean? - it means paying the non-elite staff less!


Just as there is relentless pressure to pay the elite more, there is relentless pressure to pay the employees less. The lower down the importance scale you are, the more downward pressure is exerted on your earnings. If you can be easily replaced, you have no bargaining power at all and have to take what you're given.


So, the world falls into this pattern: to he who has much, even more is given; to he who has little, even less is given.


You can thank benchmarking for this. It has only one effect. It creates a super rich elite and a mass of extremely poor people. Benchmarking has no connection with merit and performance; merely with a network of "professionals" all agreeing (to their mutual benefit) to pay each other more.


This is a classic example of a conspiracy of like-minded people from similar backgrounds all working together to ensure a better life for themselves and a worse life for everyone else. Note that the conspiracy doesn't need to involve all of the conspirators sitting down in a large room and actively agreeing what has to be done. Rather, the conspiracy unfolds entirely organically. A concept is introduced (benchmarking) and all of the elite instantly recognize the implications of the concept, so they all instantly adopt it.


Most of the Old World Order's conspiracy against the world operates at this level. All innovations that manifestly enrich the elite are rapidly adopted; all innovations that reduce the power and wealth of the elite are resisted to the most extreme degree with enormous lobbying efforts (and bribery and corruption). What is the inevitable consequence of adopting pro-OWO policies and resisting anti-OWO policies? - the OWO get richer and richer, and more and more powerful.


That's the world we live in. No one in any position of influence in power is doing anything at all to rein back the elite.


Note how cunning the elite are. They don't want to be judged on performance because that is highly variable from year to year. Benchmarking, on the other hand, is ever reliable and always going up. While many workers in the current financial crisis have had to endure pay freezes or even cuts, the salaries of the elite have, unbelievably, continued to rise.


It doesn't matter whether the economy is going down or up, what is for sure is that the salaries of the elite are always going up, always defying the natural law of regression to the mean.


The elite always claim to work hard and hence deserve enormous rewards. Yet the hardest-working people on earth are invariably scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, writers, and artists - many of whom are paid a pittance in relation to the elite. Whereas some people are motivated to work hard purely by greed and lust for power (the elite), genuine hard workers are motivated by love alone. Few people could ever have been harder working than Nietzsche, yet he had the most modest of livings. He said, "Rare men would rather perish than work without delight in their labour."


Nietzschean delight is the key to a healthy, productive world. Love, not greed, should motivate effort. Greed should, as far as possible, be declared anathema and as many obstacles as possible should be placed in the paths of the greedy elite.





Now that's a conspiracy you can focus on. Why not focus on benchmarking rather than concentration camps and chemtrails?


That's how you make a difference.

You focus on the things that matter.

The rich do everything in their power to increase their power.

Greed is rewarded over talent.

And that needs to change.



* * * * *



Who are the Masters?

They are the Gangsters

They are the bankers

The ones who tax us


The Masses; they are us

The sheep

The people

Divided in classes


The Masses ask if

The Most High is on his way here

I'm trying to stay clear

My mind is my modern day Spear