The Illuminati


Conspiracy theories are a colossal waste of time. Advocates of these theories claim to have it all figured out. They offer an explanation for everything and neatly wrap it up like some sort of sick twisted fairy tale. They even give us a name for the villain. Search the term "New World Order" on Google or Youtube and you will be flooded with nonsense. Conspiracy theorists claim to know every move this group has planned and their ultimate goal in the end is to create a totalitarian one-world government.


Initially, the idea itself may not seem too farfetched. The problem is that while the conspiracy theorists claim to be one step ahead of the evil group they call the New World Order they have failed to realize that this is nothing new. In fact, it would be much more accurate to refer to them as the Old World Order, so that is what we will do from here on out.


The Old World Order has been in place for centuries now and they don't need to create a one-world government because they are perfectly fine with the current situation. Far too many people still buy the OWO's propaganda. Obama represents the ability of the OWO to keep reinventing themselves and keep duping the people. By the end of Obama's time in office none of the power of the OWO will have been surrendered. The reverse will be true. And this will continue as long as we are busy arguing amongst ourselves over things like whether 9/11 was an inside job or the trivial political topics that show up in mainstream debates that never address the underlying problem. These things only distract us from the real issue. The OWO uses the concept of "divide and conquer" and they have been extremely successful in doing so.


One of the biggest misconceptions concerns a group referred to as the Illuminati. The Illuminati are linked to hidden messages and symbols in pop-culture, architecture, and even the American dollar bill. They were first vilified by conspiracy theorists and have recently been mentioned in many songs from rap artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar. This has only furthered the negative attention to the point where almost everyone has heard of them. But most people don't really know who they are or what they represent.


The Iluminati consists of a group of Gnostics (spiritually enlightened individuals) seeking an enlightened society. Its origins can be traced back to 500 BC when Pythagoras formed mystery schools in order to share esoteric knowledge with those who could see past the lies of their culture. In the beginning they were viewed as heretics because they spoke out against the powerful Catholic Church. The word heretic is used to describe a nonconformist or free-thinker. It had negative connotations in earlier times because it referred to those who spoke out against the widely held Catholic belief system and the authority of the Catholic Church.


Today, many conspiracy theorists and others believe they are working behind the curtains looking to control the world and minds of the general population. The truth is the Illuminati have always stood for freedom of the people from power structures and controlling religions. This site aims to clear up misconceptions and share some of their teachings.


One reason they are accused of conspiring against the public is because they have close ties to Freemasonry. In fact, the Illuminati created Freemasonry as an extension because the standards were too high for many to join the Illuminati. Freemasonry was added, and only revealed portions of the knowledge held by members of the Illuminati. The reason the standards were so high to be accepted into the Illuminati was because they were concerned that their secrets could get into the wrong hands.


Their concerns proved warranted because Freemasonry eventually succumbed to the temptations offered by money, power, and status. Today, it IS acting behind the curtains and is responsible for many of the negative actions credited to the Illuminati.


If you're still hesitant to believe secret societies exist, do a little research. They are no longer secret, in fact members of Freemasonry are publicly documented and there is plenty of reliable information available on the Internet. Wikipedia is a good start if you're curious. It's a combination of secret societies like these, and the selfish self-interest of the rich dynastic families that have created the world we see today. You can also visit the following links from the AC website for more info on the Illuminati.



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3)     Q&A list addressing myths surrounding the Illuminati's most notorious Grand Master - Adam Weishaupt


4)     The truth about the Jesuits and the Illuminati


5)     Structure of the Illuminati


6)     History of the Illuminati



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These ideas come directly from three members of the Illuminati. These individuals wanted no recognition, and spent over four years disseminating the info through their website which was named after one of the many books created by Illuminati members. One of the tasks for Illuminists progressing through the degrees includes creating a fictional novel. That is where the books come from. They were published under a fictional name (Mike Hockney) and can be found on sites like Amazon, many of them are interesting reads.


The Illuminati consists of ten degrees, the last three being mystery degrees only shared with the most meritorious members. The Armageddon conspiracy site was a massive project undertaken by a few members to share all the contents of the first seven degrees online with anyone who was willing to take the time to read the website.


I have since gone through the four years of work and over 2 million words that were presented and decided to present it in a condensed form in order to attract a wider audience. What this site will offer is a much smaller version of the original website. No one has ever been able to communicate spiritual truths in a way that you will see the information here using science, mathematics, and philosophy to intricately describe every detail of life. They have offered the grand unified theory that has been part of their teachings for centuries and which scientists are still attempting to discover to this day.


The Illuminati has offered the only evolving political system that incorporates science, math, psychology, spirituality, and philosophy. What is even more important than the specifics is the goal of the system. The current system seeks to make everyone a number rather than a name. It wants the members of society to be perfect consumers. We need a system that is dedicated to more than just consumption. We need a system that is dedicated to ensuring each member of society has as much freedom as possible and which is dedicated to ensuring everyone is able to reach their full potential.


So above all else, this is a place where ideas will be presented for people to build a blueprint for a new society. It should provide a spark for the movement and a common ground for anyone who thinks the time for change is now.


The site will be updated on a weekly basis, adding a new page/chapter each time until all the information has been shared.



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The Dialectical



The Illuminati is an ancient secret society that seeks to bring about a New World Order based on the principle that everyone can become God. The Illuminati's radical vision is of a new humanity releasing its inner divinity - for we are a divine race, not a slave population created by a bearded man in the sky who we must all bow to and worship.



The Illuminati have appeared at various great epochs in history. Nowhere has their influence been more felt than in the greatest liberating event in human history - the French Revolution, led by two of the towering heroes of the Illuminati: Robespierre and Saint-Just. The French Revolution was the culmination of the Enlightenment which was all about casting down false Gods and false tyrant kings and ushering in a new Age of Reason. Tragically, both the Revolution and the Enlightenment ultimately failed. The world is still ruled by the forces of Endarkenment. The Devil religions still have billions of followers and the tyrant kings have been replaced by super rich capitalists, a few thousand of whom "own" close to half the world and have more power than the kings ever had.


It's time for the Second Enlightenment. It's time for global Illumination. It's time for the advent of the Coming Race - the HyperHumans who will construct a Community of Gods on Earth, a Society of the Divine.



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Illuminism is based on dialectical thinking, so it's crucial for those who seek to understand the religion of the Illuminati to first understand the nature of dialectics. Dialectical logic - based on the synthesis of opposites and the resolution of contradictions - is usually contrasted with Aristotelian logic, which is analytical rather than synthetic, and is based on highlighting and emphasizing contradictions. Dialectical logic is like a mix between the logic of the East and the logic of the west. While the West is obsessed with "either or" logic, the East always understood the balance in opposites.



Aristotelian logic, the bedrock of Western thinking, lends itself to reductive, analytical thinking - in breaking everything down, and separating it from everything else. But this is an illusion. The universe, as Eastern thinking has always emphasized, is an interconnected whole. The type of logic that best deals with "becoming" rather than "being" is dialectical logic.


The Illuminist Heraclitus is known as the father of dialectical thinking. His type of thinking reached its apex in the philosophy of another great Illuminist, Hegel. Dialectical thinking is all about synthesis, about unifying opposites. The key idea of Hegelian dialectics is that everything contains a fundamental inner, implicit contradiction that will lead to the contradiction eventually being explicitly expressed.


Thus when it is raining, the implicit contradiction that it will stop raining is already starting to manifest itself, and, in due course, the rain will indeed stop. There will be a time during the transition between raining and not raining when the distinction between the two states cannot be clearly drawn. Aristotelian logic emphasizes the separate phases of the process, while dialectical logic emphasizes the interconnectedness of the apparent contradictions - they are part of an ongoing process of becoming rather than separate types of being.


So, those people who are obsessed with "contradiction", those who think they're clever when they identify contradictions and try to use them as weapons in some sort of logical battle, merely demonstrate that they are locked into one type of reductive thinking and fail to understand the big picture. People who can't see beyond Aristotelian logic will never understand Illuminism. In the world of dialectics - of becoming - none of Russell's three laws of thought truly apply. They are black and white limits whereas "becoming" is concerned with shades of grey.


There is a famous problem of logic known as the Heap Paradox. It concerns removing grains of sand from a heap. The issue is at what point will the heap no longer be a heap? How will Aristotelian logic help you to solve that?


"Fuzzy logic" abandons the binary opposition of true and false and instead introduces new categories such as "very true", "fairly true", "reasonably false", "completely false" etc. It is far more nuanced, introducing shades of grey where only black and white existed before.


Quantum Logic introduces a new form of logic based on Quantum Mechanics where a "superposition of states" applies. Quantum particles can be in two or more places at once; they can be in two or more states, no matter how contradictory. So much for Aristotelian logic.


If you want to understand life, you have to be able to use different types of logic; whatever is most appropriate to the situation. If "contradiction" is the only tool in your box, you will get nowhere.


A final aspect of dialectical thinking that must be appreciated is that it can lead to higher and higher states of synthesis where the contradictions (thesis and antithesis) present in each dialectical cycle are progressively refined and resolved until, eventually, a complete synthesis is achieved where contradiction is, finally, properly abolished. This represents the apex, the Absolute, of the dialectical process.