Creation Myth


Each of the ten degrees of the Illuminati is associated with a major undertaking that every initiate must successfully complete to demonstrate their merit and their readiness to proceed to the next level. The first degree involves the creation of a plausible new religion. Given that the religion of the Illuminati is Illumination, some initiates are initially perplexed that they should be asked to construct an entirely new religion rather than learn directly about Illumination. So, why is this done?


In simple terms, those who can devise a religion prove that they are capable of understanding Illumination, which is a highly complex religion with no connection whatever with the central Western religious concept of faith. Faith is a means of absolving oneself of having to think deeply about religion. As soon as a difficult theological question arises, the faithful simply say, "We believe", and the problem magically disappears…or rather is completely ignored and thus soon forgotten.


Faith is deemed to be a trump card that, once invoked, shows the mettle of the faithful and proves that they are fully deserving of divine reward. The more ridiculous a proposition, the more faith you require, and the more faith you have, the holier you are. Therefore the holiest people on earth are those who believe the most unbelievable things. They could equally well be called the most stupid people on earth. Faith is the greatest con ever devised. In the fairytale The Emperor's New Clothes, the Emperor strides out stark naked in front his people, believing he is wearing the finest set of clothes ever made. Thus it always is with belief. You are always naked and yet you always image you are fully dressed in the garments of God.


Those who do not subscribe to faith must fully engage their intelligence in their pursuit of enlightenment. Which do you think is easier? Faith is an evasion, a prevarication, a refusal to confront reality. Not to exaggerate, faith is always absurd. Faith is Religion For Dummies, a device for those who can't think. It's an insult to intelligence.


The number of faithful is growing enormously in the least developed, least well educated parts of the world (surprise, surprise), while it is in steep decline in the educated "First World", particularly Europe. America is the only advanced nation that is still heavily mired in faith. Why should that be? Most white Americans are descended from religious fanatics who were expelled from their own countries for their extremist views. Dissenters, Non-Conformists, outcasts, outsiders, cultists, members of secret societies, rebels, revolutionaries, the dispossessed, searchers, dreamers, the rejected, the abandoned, the expelled…they all flocked to the New World where they could begin again, free of persecution. Black Americans became fanatically devoted to faith because it was one way to psychologically cope with the horrors of the slavery and deprivation that the faithful whites had inflicted on them: it offered hope unavailable elsewhere. Thus America has religious diversity (in the form of many different Christian sects), remarkable energy and also an identity founded on both religious fanaticism and religious desperation. In this regards it strongly resembles a Third World nation in its approach to religion. 


To formulate a new religion is no simple task. To succeed, you must be aware not just of the teachings of other religions, but also of philosophy, science and psychology. You must be imaginative, creative and intelligent. You must possess a strong vision. You must be bold, daring, willing to travel to dark and difficult places of the mind to find the truth. You must be willing to wrestle with great enigmas and profound mysteries.


If you have embarked on the sacred quest to "become God", what better way to start than for you to conceive how you would order the universe if it were your personal responsibility i.e. if you yourself were God. What would you ask of human beings? What rules, if any, would you set down? How would you incentivise humanity to follow your message? Would you punish them for failing? Would you make use of prophets to communicate your message? And what is your message? Would you appear in person to humanity? What about the problem of evil? How would you address that oldest of intractable issues? Would your religion be simple, complex, secret, open, faith-based or knowledge-based? Would it be philosophical, psychological, scientific? What would be the central new idea of your religion to distinguish it from others?


Creating your own religion frees you from the shackles of all other religions. It makes you think far more seriously about religion, about the meaning of life and the true nature of existence. It expands your mind, enhances your knowledge, and gives you a true moral sense since you yourself have to define what is right and wrong, good and evil. You no longer rely on others such as rabbis, priests and imams. There is no greater authority on religious matters than you yourself.


No one who creates their own religion can be brainwashed. They will not fall prey to false prophets and be taken in by the lies of "holy" books. They see through them instantly. They see the "con". Most religions are absurd. It is beyond belief that most are taken seriously. Once you have constructed your own, you understand how the others came into being. You understand what "tricks" they used, what psychological manipulation they deployed, what falsehoods they told, what threats they leveled and incentives they offered. You start to understand that some religions succeeded because of particular historical circumstances. Had those circumstances been marginally different, other religions, or alternative versions of existing religions, would now stand in the place of those we see around us.


For example, the "Jewish" Christianity of Jesus' brother James the Just might have defeated the Mithraic Christianity of St Paul, in which case Christianity would now resemble Reformed Judaism. If the Arian heresy had succeeded, Christianity would not now proclaim Jesus Christ as God but, instead, as God's first and greatest creation (a kind of super-angelic being) - and the Christian message would be fundamentally different. If the Church of Simon Magus had triumphed over the Church of Jesus Christ, the dominant religion of the world would be Illumination instead of Christianity. Knowledge (gnosis) would have replaced faith as the means of approaching the divine. East and West would be much closer together since Illumination has far more in common with Hinduism and Buddhism than with the Abrahamic faiths. Islam might never have come into existence. The power of the Demiurge might have been shattered.


In other words, given slightly different historical events, the world would be an entirely different place. Once you understand that, you see how easily these wrong turnings taken by humanity might be remedied. The Abrahamic faiths are not here forever; they are errors that humanity will correct in due course. They are provisional religions, not permanent ones.  


A world in which everyone has their own ideas about religion is one that would be without the fanaticism of the "faithful", without sectarianism and division, without blind belief, brainwashing and mind control. Only when you are free, when you mind has been purged of all the false beliefs of conventional religions, are you capable of turning your mind to the true nature of the divine.


One of the most remarkable members of the Illuminati was the British visionary painter and poet William Blake, a man whose modern status as a genius was sadly absent during his own lifetime when he was commonly regarded as an eccentric crank with little talent. Blake became obsessed with the Illuminati's task of creating his own religion and ended up devoting most of his life to it, inventing a rich and highly complex personal mythology.


The Illuminati still refer to it to this day as perhaps the most vivid and inspirational attempt to create a new religion.


"I must Create a System or be enslav'd by another Man's."

--William Blake





* * * * *



So, what is the Illuminati's Creation Myth?


Imagine that billions of years ago, there was no physical universe at all. The only thing that existed was "God" - an entirely incorporeal spirit. He was pure thought: Absolute Mind. After eons of contemplation, God reached an extraordinary decision: he was going to commit suicide. It was time for him to bring about the most momentous event of all time - his own death. The Death of God.


But how does God kill himself? Isn't it impossible by definition? After all, you can't kill the eternal, the immortal, the deathless. You can't kill existence itself, and that's exactly what God was: existence itself. And if he was all there was, what would be left when he was dead?


God understood that the only true death he could experience would be one of transformation; he could make himself into a new form of existence. He would be reincarnated, so to speak. He would no longer be pure mind but would incorporate a revolutionary new substance that he had decided to create - matter. Yet matter, because it came from God, would be infused with "Godness". Every particle of matter, regardless of how humble and seemingly insignificant, would be a spark of God. And all of these sparks would, buried within them, have an irresistible desire to reconstitute God.


God's infinitely inspired idea was that the ultimate creative act was to create himself. God was going to become God. There could be no more divine deed.


So God, a being who did not exist in physical space, a being who existed outside of space and time, a being of infinite power, of infinite spiritual and intellectual energy, decided to self-detonate - to turn that infinite energy of the mind into the infinite physical energy of the universe of matter. He would die in order to be reborn. Eons after his "death", all of the physical particles that his death had liberated - the great multitude of "divine sparks" - would find a way to bring him back to life in a new form. He would give birth to himself.


God would live, die, be reborn and live again. He would undergo samsara. He would demonstrate his infinite power, his eternal fearlessness, his infinite intellectual curiosity. He would gain complete and final knowledge of existence. If he did not kill himself he would never know what it was like to die. His knowledge would be incomplete. He would be lacking, imperfect. How could he be any judge of mortality if he himself had not undergone the fate of mortals?


How can you be God if you have never died? You can only understand death by experiencing it. Also, how could God understand doubt if he had never experienced that either? By killing himself there was an outside chance that he might never come back to life in anything like his former glory. There would be an inescapable element of doubt.


All sorts of things that God would never understand otherwise would become known to him if he killed himself. It was the only way to attain supreme self-knowledge, to attain the perfection demanded of God.


Odin, the chief of the Viking gods, voluntarily sacrificed himself to himself in order to attain higher wisdom:


"For nine nights, wounded by my own spear, consecrated to Odin, myself consecrated to myself, I remained hanging from the tree shaken by the wind, from the mighty tree whose roots men know not."


Odin was one-eyed because he had given the other to Mimir, the wisest of all the Viking gods, who existed only as a head (having been decapitated by his enemies). For the payment of his eye, Odin was granted consultations with Mimir's head, known as the "Father of Wisdom". Self-sacrifice lies at the heart of all strivings to increase knowledge. Those who lack the strength, those who are too cowardly, will always turn away from the harsh lands of self-improvement to the sybaritic palaces of easy pleasures and cheap fun, to all the petty comforts and joys that surround us, tempting us away from the hard and often thankless work that underlies all progress.


The Vikings anticipated an apocalyptic event called Ragnarok that would bring about the death of the gods. But, afterwards, life would be reborn and new gods would appear. Ragnarok was as much a moment of beautiful rebirth as of Armageddon.


In the tale of the Egyptian god Osiris, he is killed, his body dismembered and the pieces scattered. His consort Isis then tracks down the parts and painstakingly reassembles the god.


In the Greek tale of Zagreus, the god is also killed and dismembered, but his heart is saved by Zeus and used to give birth to Dionysus.


In Christianity, "God" dies and then is resurrected.


The idea of the god who dies and comes back to life (sometimes in a radically different form) is a strong feature of many religious traditions.


* * * * *

Fourteen billion years ago, the divine moment came. "Let there be light!" said God, and there was light. He self-immolated in the greatest explosion of all time - the creation of the universe of matter from the universe of mind in a single apocalyptic event. From physical nothingness - the pure mind of God - came all the "stuff" of the physical universe. The moment of God's death was the moment of Creation. It was the "Alpha Point."


The physical universe is teleological: it has a purpose, a desired end, an "Omega Point." That end-point is the regenerated God. The physical universe that was born of God seeks to become God anew; not the old God of pure Mind, but a new God of Mind and Matter.


God knew that the creation of matter would not mean the elimination of mind. Rather, just as matter is a form of energy (as Einstein demonstrated), it is also a form of mind because it originated in mind. It is mind with physical dimensions rather than pure, dimensionless mind.


The universe is alive. It is an organism. It thinks. It seeks. It strives. The universe has a soul. It is forever trying to find its way back to its divine origin. It is travelling dialectically from Alpha to Omega.


We human beings contain the divine spark. We are all fragments of God. We will be complete only when we have reassembled as God. That is the fulfillment of our divine human mission.


The True God is the Deus Absconditus - the Hidden God. One day he will be the Deus Manifestus - the Revealed God. We are all part of the revelation. We are hidden gods in a universe that does not yet know it is God but is evolving towards being God.


Just as humanity was born of a primordial chemical soup on a "lifeless" rock in space, so God will be born of stardust in a seemingly lifeless universe. We are all glittering stars and one day we will come together in the brightest star of all - God himself. This is humanity's destiny. Is that not an inspiring vision of humanity? We are not mere humans; we are divine beings, a community of gods en route to becoming God himself: God Reincarnated, God Resurrected, God Reborn.


This "myth" explains how the universe was created - by a non-physical energy (the mind and spirit of God) being transformed into physical energy, but still fundamentally imbued with the mind and spirit of God. It explains how life came into existence: the universe was created from life (God's) and is everywhere infused with God's life. It explains why we are conscious beings (we reflect the implicit consciousness of God that pervades the universe). It explains why we have a sense of a soul and immortality, of a future paradise, and why humanity has always spoken of gods and God. It explains evolution - we are evolving towards God. It gives a precise meaning to our lives.


And what of evil in the Illuminati's Myth? Good and evil are defined in terms of altruism and selfishness. The more selfless and altruistic an action is, the more "good" it is. The more self-interested and selfish an action is, the more "evil" it is. So, a serial killer who treats his victims as nothing but objects designed for his personal pleasure, who denies their unique humanity, is utterly evil. Privileged families that are determined to always seek their advantage at the expense of other families are evil. Bankers who care only about the size of their bonuses and nothing for other people are evil. Politicians who serve themselves (and the lobbyists who pay them so lucratively) are evil. Greedy bosses who exploit their workers are evil. Those who gratuitously harm others are evil. Those who do unto others as they would never wish done unto them are evil. Evil - in the form of greed, selfishness and self-interest - is all around us. We are saturated with it. Our world drips with evil. True goodness, on the other hand, is rarer than the most precious gold in this fallen world of ours.


The Demiurge is a dialectical stage in God's development as he gradually regenerates himself. He must pass through evil in order to know good. He must be selfish and self-interested before he can become altruistic and selfless. The Demiurge is God at a primitive stage of his development, before he has understood himself.


The Demiurge is, to God, as the infant human is to the mature adult. An infant is a screaming, tiny tyrant, wailing and bawling if it does not get its own way, if its parents don't drop everything to attend to its every need and whim. It cares nothing for others. It is driven entirely by its id. It's a monster of narcissism and ego, of complete lack of regard for others. It is ruled by the pleasure principle. I WANT is its mantra. GIVE IT TO ME. WORSHIP ME. I AM THE CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE. (And doesn't that sound like the bankers who almost bankrupted the world?)


The mature adult, on the other hand, is guided by the superego rather than the id. The mature adult is attuned to others, and takes them into consideration at all times.


The Demiurge is the True God's shadow in Jungian terms: the primitive, immature, dark, unenlightened, destructive and selfish aspect that must be overcome if God is to become his true Self.


God, exactly like us, is on a dialectical path, seeking to overcome the negative parts of his psychology that hold him back from full self-actualisation, from becoming everything he has it in him to become - perfect.


Is that not the true meaning of the statement that we are created in God's image? Is that not the true meaning of the ancient wisdom As above, so below?


The Abrahamic faiths have destroyed all truth relating to God. They worship an earlier, monstrous version of the dialectical God rather than the True God he is becoming. They worship the spoiled infant rather than the self-realised adult. They have committed the cardinal error. They worship the Shadow. They are shadow creatures themselves. They are the Brotherhood of the Shadow. No mistake could be more profound. As soon as you realise that the Jews, Christians and Muslims are backward, primitive people locked into a destructive, infantile, deluded psychology, you understand why the world is as it is. This world is a child that needs to become an adult.


But here is a remarkable truth: it is not God who redeems humanity, but rather humanity that redeems God. Our dialectical role is to show the Demiurge the error of his ways. If humanity can escape from the "selfish gene" with which the Demiurge has fashioned humanity, if humanity can turn away from blatant self-interest, greed and selfishness towards selflessness and altruism, then we will demonstrate to the Demiurge that we are morally superior. It is only then that the Demiurge, a being that labours under the delusion that he is the True God, will see that he cannot be what he believes himself to be. The Demiurge - Jehovah/the Christian Triune God/Allah - is the antithesis of the True God. He is also an unavoidable dialectical stage in the evolution of the True God. God cannot have a full understanding of good and evil unless he himself has been evil and then transcended that benighted state. If he had never known evil then he would be nothing but an innocent simpleton. Celibate Catholic priests are laughed at when they offer advice to married couples about sexual matters. How can they comment on something about which they have no experience? To talk the talk, you must have walked the walk. By the same token, God cannot be a judge of good and evil unless he has a perfect understanding of evil by having experienced it himself. This is the dialectical truth of God. It is pure heresy to Christians, Muslims and Jews, of course…but these are religions that are controlled by the deluded Demiurge so it hardly matters what they think.


God comes to full self-realization and moral perfection through humanity. It is we who shape God. If we can be morally superior to the Demiurge then he will be shaped in our image rather than we in his. It is our divine, dialectical task to transcend the Demiurge and lead him onto the true path.


But the Illuminati's Myth is not the religion of the Illuminati, although it does contain some core elements of the religion.





* * * * *


The Science Myth


Does science offer a better grasp of "reality" than philosophy or religion? Quantum Mechanics is the most successful scientific theory of all time, and yet no one is sure what it actually means in terms of reality.


There are numerous interpretations of what Quantum Mechanics implies about reality:




Physicist and science writer John Gribbin says,


"One of the most remarkable features of quantum theory is that there are many different interpretations of what the theory 'really means', most of which are mutually contradictory as far as their philosophical basis goes, but all of which accurately explain the behavior of known experiments and correctly predict the outcome of new experiments. They all pass Newton's test of a good theory! There is nothing like this in any other area of science - we do not, for example, have half a dozen or more different 'interpretations' of Einstein's general theory of relativity, the other great theory of twentieth-century physics."


According to the "Copenhagen Interpretation" (historically the most favored explanation), the universe does not exist in any definite state when it is not being observed i.e. if there were no observers then the universe would never exist in any real, solid state at all - it would just be an eternal, bizarre, fuzzy, spectral haze; a ghost universe, flickering, shimmering, pulsating, but never taking on any meaningful form. And it would be invisible!


John Gribbin says, "Remember also that to the Copenhagen school of thought a quantum entity, such as an electron or photon, does not have properties, such as position and momentum, except when these properties are being measured. It is not just that we do not know what the values of these properties are; the theory says that those properties do not exist unless they are observed."


Physicist John Wheeler concluded that the universe only exists because we are looking at it. This is essentially the same position as the one adopted by Bishop Berkeley in the 18th century. He said, "Esse est percipi." (To be is to be perceived.)


Physicist David Bohm claimed that the real world always exists independently of observers but that particles are guided by a mysterious "pilot wave" that obeys "non-locality" i.e. any disturbance in the wave at one location is automatically and instantaneously reflected in the wave at all other locations, no matter how far distant from the original disturbance. This contradicts Einstein's principle that no form of communication can take place faster than the speed of light.


Physicist John Bell has demonstrated that the universe cannot be both real and "local". If it is real then it is non-local and if it is local then it is not "real". He said he preferred to abandon Einstein's special theory of relativity than give up "reality".


According to Hugh Everett's "many-worlds" interpretation, every time the universe is confronted with a choice at the quantum level, the universe divides into as many copies of itself as are required to allow every possible quantum choice to be realized. With every passing instant, innumerable new universes are being created. Astoundingly, this is increasingly the interpretation favoured by physicists. It is a fully deterministic account of reality, but at the price of creating a Multiverse, consisting of an infinite number of parallel universes where everything that can happen will happen. No convincing explanation is ever offered as to how these infinite universes can occupy the same space. They magically split off into "other dimensions", or they somehow have their own portion of space and time: the details are never clearly specified. And somehow these parallel worlds still manage to briefly interact with each other as they are being created, thus generating the interference effects that we observe in the quantum world.


It is quite amazing that many scientists pour scorn on the concept of God and yet seriously entertain these bizarre and untestable speculations about the true nature of reality.


John Cramer's "Transactional" interpretation of Quantum Mechanics involves the interaction of waves travelling forward in time and others travelling backward in time.


Other interpretations offer equally exotic "solutions".


So, what is clear is that any description of the nature of reality is bound to contain at least one astonishingly counter-intuitive idea that seems not only unbelievable but practically deranged. You can have non-locality, going backwards in time, observer-created reality, infinite parallel worlds being created with every passing instant etc. What you seemingly can't have, is any common sense, uncontroversial, easily imagined, easily accepted solution.




* * * * *


In next week's article, we will reveal the key ingredient at the heart of the Illuminati's religion; the one that accounts for God, the soul and the afterlife, and also for quantum reality.



The journey to find God begins in the strangest place - in the absolute conviction that there is no God. Religion, as atheists have always argued, might simply be the opium of the masses that stupefies them and causes them to believe in the most absurd and incredible things. All the talk of heaven, souls, an afterlife, a Supreme Being may be nothing but moonshine, a vast, elaborate fantasy into which billions of humans have subscribed for the simplest of reasons - it allows them to turn away from the horror of contemplating their own deaths, from acknowledging that their annihilation for all eternity is inevitable.


The Illuminati's antidote to despair, nihilism and existential dread is one you will never have explicitly encountered previously and yet the truth is that it is embedded in most of philosophy, many diverse religions and at the core of science. The finest minds of the human race have not been pursuing chimeras. They have glimpsed the "Mind of God" and they have all but completed the jigsaw. Only one piece is missing, yet it's not actually missing at all. Rather, it has been in front of us all along, but most have never "seen" it. Somehow it lies within humanity's blind spot. Only mystics and esotericists have hitherto recognized what has been staring us in the face all along.


Science, in particular, has gazed straight at this phenomenon that lies so plainly in front of us and seen nothing that makes the slightest bit of sense to the scientific mind even though scientists' very own equations are screaming at them to pay attention. Science has shaken its head in absolute incomprehension, refused to accept the final conclusions demanded by its own greatest theories, and turned away to futilely pursue areas in which the truth can never be found. Science wants to find the "GUT" - the Grand Unified Theory of everything that explains the whole of science, preferably in one short, simple equation. They are practically there already…if they did but have the higher wisdom to "see".